We hope you enjoy these videos that will give a flavor of some of our beliefs and activities.
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Doubting Thomas Through Jewish Ears  – Art Fabian – April 27, 2014 (25 minutes)

2014 Lenten Conversations:

A conversation about Heaven and Hell  – March 12, 2014 (5 minutes)

What must you believe to be a Christian?  – March 19, 2014 (7 minutes)

The Bible, the Bible, the Bible; what do we do with it and how should we use it?
– March 26, 2014 (7 minutes)

Why do you come to church on Sunday?  – April 2, 2014 (4.5 minutes)

Is your theology reflected in the liturgy, confessions, creeds, prayers and hymns?  – April 9, 2014