Pastor Monte

Pastor Monte Stevens
I invite you to get to know me personally, but until then here are a few factual items.  Being born in 1964 places me right between the Baby-Boomers and Generation X.  I feel at home in both worlds, but I have always fought being defined and classified.  I will admit I’m human, male, and made of stardust and have been married since 1988 with two grown boys.  I grew up in the Columbus, Ohio suburb of Bexley, but have been serving this Dayton congregation since 1992.  While I have suburban roots, I enjoy this church’s urban environment.  I graduated from Capital University in Bexley as a Religion Major specializing in the study of World Religions. So I believe God has many names and there is not just one path to the Divine.

After college I moved to Chicago to pursue a four-year Master of Divinity degree at The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago.  The seminary is located on the South Side of the city in a uniquely urban environment.  This seminary was one of the most progressive of the eight ELCA seminaries and I loved learning, reading, and following where truth led me in my studies.  After an internship in Gastonia, North Carolina, I accepted my first call here to North Riverdale Lutheran Church, a community of faith that I have come to call a special spirit-filled place.

When I have free time, I enjoy playing the piano and, of course, reading.  My passion is mentoring people in their own spiritual development and like nothing better than finding a good quote or line of poetry to reflect upon.  I do hope you will stop by and experience the learning and serving that happens at North Riverdale.

Until our paths cross in the future,
Peace, Pastor Monte