Our Service Ministry Is Our History.

In 2011, North Riverdale celebrated its centennial — 100 years of ministry. (See anniversary worship picture above.)  Organized in 1911, beyond the Dayton city limits, the small congregation held services in a nearby schoolhouse until funds could be raised to erect a church building.  At the time, when needed, supply pastors were paid five dollars to conduct a Sunday worship service!

When work was begun to build the new church, volunteers with horse-drawn scoops completed the excavation.  In November, 1914, the congregation dedicated the new red brick church, located in the midst of cornfields and orchards.  As few people owned cars in this rural area, most of the congregation walked to church — no need for a parking lot!

As time passed, a much needed addition was erected to meet the needs of the expanding Sunday School.  Eventually, properties covering nearly half the block adjacent to the church were acquired for parking lots. The times have changed as the city grew around us.

We were the first congregation in the Dayton area to sponsor a Vietnamese refugee family.  Our weekly gathering for worship is filled with the love of God, beautiful music, and eager learning.

Generous donations are given to the World Hunger Fund, a top priority of the congregation with events throughout the year spotlighting the need to feed people both baked bread and the Bread of Life.

Of course, PEOPLE are the church,
and just who are we? Well, we’re:
lovers of learning,
faithful in prayer,
truth seeking,
sometimes doubting,
often questioning,
joyous in worship,
21st Century Christians